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    Hotel Booking capability of Filemaker



      Hotel Booking capability of Filemaker


      Hi - I'm looking for a product which I can build & customise a booking system for a small hotel (7 rooms).


      This system would deliver the following:

      1. Client information (name, address, email etc fields)
      2. Room planner (a forward planner showing booked & free rooms (with key details of booking for each room per day) over eg: a week)
      3. Some sort of "billing" capability which would record a particular clients bill for a period (including food, drinks, other etc fields.)


      Would Filemaker be a suitable tool in creating the above?






      PS: Appreciate the above requirements are somewhat "high-level"! Happy to detail further if required.

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          Filemaker can do this, but can you use filemaker to do it?


          That depends on your expertise and how much time you choose to invest in learning how to use filemaker to build such a database.


          You might want to try out a trial download of Filemaker to see if you can get it to work for you.

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            Yes, it can be done.  As a former hotel controller I have been "visualizing" what I would need to make it a reality.  I have already created a database for a membership, ie country club which includes the billing aspects.  I am working on the rooms side with tracking for future availability and reservations, converting those to "stays" in the hotel.


            Good luck.