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Hour Validation Script

Question asked by hrcap on Aug 24, 2013
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Hour Validation Script


     Afternoon All


     I have created a script for work on object exit, this script should ensure that the hour entry is in the correct format, the script currently works to ensure that the entry is either 0 characters long or 2 characters long.


     The calculation is contained under an IF statement, so when it is true it displays a custom dialog saying "hour entry invalid"


     The final step of the calculation is not working and i would appreciate some input, the final step ensures that the number entered is less than or equal to 24


     the calculation is below



     Many Thanks






     @Numbers = TextFormatRemove (Filter (GetField (Get (ActiveFieldTableName) & "::" & Get (ActiveFieldName) ) ; "0123456789")); 
     Length(@Numbers)  ≠  2
     Length(@Numbers)  ≠  0
     @Numbers  > 24