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Hours and minutes... Calculation scenarios

Question asked by AndrewJudd on Jul 18, 2015
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Hours and minutes... Calculation scenarios


Hi all, I have a calculation below that is part of a calculation field description of an artwork. if the artwork is a video the user enters the duration in hours, minutes and seconds. Obviously sometimes a video might be over an hour, might just be minutes and seconds, or might just be seconds. I have got as far as the below. Which is pretty close.

However, when the hours is "1" the calculation is not returning a result. Over two hours is fine. Should make sense below.. 

Any ideas? thank you


If (Hours >1 ; Hours & " Hours" &  " : " &  (If (Hours = "1" ; Hours & " Hour" ) & If (not IsEmpty (Minutes) ; Minutes & " Minutes" & " : ") & Seconds & " Seconds") ;