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    Hours not to exceed/ Max hours



      Hours not to exceed/ Max hours


      I have an hours goal, which can be manually inputed based on a particular client. 

      I have an Hours Total = Total of Hours

      I have Hours Needed which is a running summary of of the Hours Total vs what the inputed Goal is.

      How could I add another option in to warn me if I am getting close to an "hours not to exceed" total, which may be inputed manually depending on the client/project? 

      Thanks in advance!


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          For sake of example, I will assume that the max not to exceed is over all time billing data for the same project. The same method shown here works for a limit for one employee's work on a given project as well--you'd just set up a different relationship.

          Set up a self join linking Time Billing Data to another occurrence of the same base table by _fkProject

          Time Billing Data::_fkProject = Time Billing Data|SameProject::_fkProject

          a calculation field define to evaluate from the context of Time Billing Data might use this expression:

          If ( Projects::MaxTime - Sum ( Time Billing Data|SameProject::Hours ) < 10 ; "Warning: Max Time Limit close or exceeded" )

          To show a warning when the total time is within 10 hours of Projects. A Case function might be used to display multiple messages.