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Household / family directory

Question asked by FilmUser on Aug 5, 2014
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Household / family directory



     I am putting a directory together for a church – two tables: People and Households.

     Fields for Household – PK, street address, house phone, etc

     Fields for People – PK, FK_Houshold, name, cell phone, email, etc. - and a field for type of member (child, adult - for filtering for separate portals)

     Portals are the obvious way to show the people in a household, by PK_FK relationship, but I want to be able to control placement of fields in ways that I can’t with a portal. I want to optimize layout space (there are pictures). There are also permission forms, etc, which could be laid out with place-able fields.

     I set up an elaborate arrangement of globals, lookups, and relationships to support this, but it’s too goofy and cumbersome. Is there a better way to do this?


     Two questions about portals – I can’t see how to do these:

     Can I set up sliding on the portal, including the part size? A portal for kids has to accommodate the highest number of kids (this is for print via pdf – scroll bar won’t work), so it’d be nice if the portal (if I have to use one) can collapse to optimize space and paper. - one of the reasons I want place-able fields.

     Also, can a portal be set up horizontally, like repeating fields?