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    Household / family directory



      Household / family directory



           I am putting a directory together for a church – two tables: People and Households.

           Fields for Household – PK, street address, house phone, etc

           Fields for People – PK, FK_Houshold, name, cell phone, email, etc. - and a field for type of member (child, adult - for filtering for separate portals)

           Portals are the obvious way to show the people in a household, by PK_FK relationship, but I want to be able to control placement of fields in ways that I can’t with a portal. I want to optimize layout space (there are pictures). There are also permission forms, etc, which could be laid out with place-able fields.

           I set up an elaborate arrangement of globals, lookups, and relationships to support this, but it’s too goofy and cumbersome. Is there a better way to do this?


           Two questions about portals – I can’t see how to do these:

           Can I set up sliding on the portal, including the part size? A portal for kids has to accommodate the highest number of kids (this is for print via pdf – scroll bar won’t work), so it’d be nice if the portal (if I have to use one) can collapse to optimize space and paper. - one of the reasons I want place-able fields.

           Also, can a portal be set up horizontally, like repeating fields?

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                    Can I set up sliding on the portal, including the part size?

               By sliding, do you mean a FileMaker 13 slider? or the "slide up", "slide left" options found in the Inspector's position tab and which are not visible except when printing/previewing saving as PDF?

               Either way, the answer is no. You can't put tab controls or sliders into a portal row and the only sliding a portal can do is to reduce the number of rows shown to just those that are needed for the number of related records.

               But you might want to consider a list view layout based on People with fields from your Families table added to the Header, footer, and possibly (if listing data on multiple families in a report) a sub summary layout part.

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                 Yes, I did mean reducing rows, and forgot about the prevue requirement, which does work.

                 Thanks for the list view idea, and sub summary part, I'm not sure how this would layout, with the Household info and container field, but I'll try it.

                 So - no horizontal portals? The children portal would be the name field only, so would work that way.

                 Oh - one other thing - first time I've noticed - I have a value list of Household names, from the field, showing the PK as the first field and the Name field as the second, showing only and sorting on the Name field, used in the People table to choose the family. The inspector will not allow auto-completing of the value list when in browse. I haven't had this happen before (that and editing are disabled in the inspector). I've compared to other similar fields, but can't find why this one doesn't allow. I can Include the arrow to show and hide the list, but not the other two check boxes.

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                   Forgot to describe how to do a horizontal portal:

                   Put several one row portals in a row. Select 1 as the "initial row" for the first one row portal, 2 as the initial row for the second and so forth...


                        Oh - one other thing

                   Drop down lists cannot be auto-completed when it's a "use values from a field" value list where field 1 is the ID and field 2 is a name or description field. I've pointed out to FileMaker that this is a serious shortcoming: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/56b3613440

                   But with scripting and an extra relationship, you can set up a text field with a value list that auto-completes on the name, but still links records by ID. It also can handle two or more records with the same name--something that can't be handled with a simple ID in field one, name in field two value list when field 1 is hidden.

                   Here's a demo:

                   FileMaker 12 or newer users: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/78737945/SimpleNameLookupDemo.fmp12
                   Pre FileMaker 12 Users: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/78737945/SimpleNameLookupDemo.fp7


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                     Thanks, Phil, I'll try the link.