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      I have a database with many clients who share the same address (broken into several fields i.e. House #, Apt #, street, city, state and zip code). How do I make labels for the household, rather than for each individual client?

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          Create a separate "HouseHold" table and store your addresses in that table. Your same household clients would then be linked by Household ID to this same household record and you can print labels from your household table whenever you need one label per household.

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            So I created a table named "Households", I linked the fields to the other table, but I can not seem to create labels... Am I missing something?

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              Define HouseHolds with fields such as these:

              HouseHoldID (auto-entered serial number)
              Household name, House #, Apt #, street, city, state and zip etc.

              Remove these fields from your original table after you have moved the data into the HouseHolds table.

              Define a HouseholdID number field in your original table.

              Define this relationship:

              OriginalTable::HouseholdID = Households::HouseholdID

              You can either format OriginalTable::HouseholdID with a two column value list with HouseholdID in column 1 and Household name in column 2 or you can create a portal to your original table on the Households layout to use to create/edit records in your original table. If you use this portal, you'll want to enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for your original table in the above relationship.

              Now you can:

              1. Enter Layout Mode
              2. select new layout from the layout menu
              3. Follow the steps to create a labels layout, choosing Households from the show records from drop down.
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                Still not working... is there an easier way?

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                  Not really. The fact that you can enter addresses only once per Household record with this approach can actually make your data entry tasks simpler than what you have currently.

                  "Still not working" doesn't provide me with any way to provide you with more help. How is it "not working"? That info can give me a clue in how to help you get it working.