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    How achieve export and import all the data?



      How achieve export and import all the data?


      I have more than one table in a file. When I say export the records, it usually exports only the current table not the others. 

      Even if I import the data from a filemaker file, it also imports only the records from the table relevant to the current one. I have to switch the layout in order to import data from other tables.  


      I don't know if I have made myself clear. How can I use a script to import data from all the tables at one time? 

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          Use a script to import your data one table at a time:


          Import Records ["Table1".....

          Import Records ["Table2".....

          Import Records ["Table3".....


          You'll need to click the specify buttons to select the source file and import order for each import.


          I suggest making back up copies of your file just in case your script doesn't do what you want as Import Records can make profound changes to the data in your database.


          I'd run the script once with the steps set to pop up the dialog boxes on each import to double check that they're set right, then I'd go back and click th Perform without dialog check boxes for each import records step after I'm sure that they're importing correctly.