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    How are ExecuteSQL results displayed?



      How are ExecuteSQL results displayed?


      <!--StartFragment-->I have a lot of FileMaker experience but zero knowledge about SQL. I downloaded SeedCode’s SQLExplorer and I am able to create and test queries in their file that work. I know my question is elementary but what do you do with the query once it is written? How can the result be displayed in a solution? Can someone please explain it step by step. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that doesn’t understand how it works. Thanks. <!--EndFragment-->

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          It's a function that returns text, so you end up with a "minitable" inside a single text field. I've gotten decent results by specifying the tab character as the delimitter and then using the appearance tab in the inspector to set tab stops in order to arrange the resulting data into columns. A large multi-line height field can then be set up with a scroll bar and it will look much like portal, though without all the layout options.

          If I leave off the scroll bar field format, I can even use the field as a 'click list' where clicking an item selects it via the OnObjectEnter script trigger.

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            Thank you! That makes sense. The results that I've seen have looked as if they were in a portal so I assumed they were. I figured it was something simple that was taken for granted that everyone knew. Everything I found was focusing on how to create a query to obtain results but I couldnt find anything addressing how to display the results.