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How best to deal with MANY addresses - Pivot portal?

Question asked by Stu412 on Feb 4, 2015
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How best to deal with MANY addresses - Pivot portal?


Hi there

Some of the customers I have in my DB can have 8 or 9 proper business addresses which we will want to track. They will also have a primary address.  So this gives us two address types, primary and secondary.

I can store these, but how I display them on screen is causing an issue.  My primary address is simple, one field under the other, Address1, Address2, City etc.  Addresses 2 through 8 I'm stuck.

I looked at a portal, but because this shows Address1, Address2, City etc left to right, it's not intuitive to the user because every time an address is shown on any system, it's line by line.

So, can I pivot a portal and set up a couple of scroll buttons to 'Move to next row' and show addresses 2-8?

Is there a technique I don't know about?

Thanks :)