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How best to insert thousands of photos

Question asked by LanR on Feb 22, 2011
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How best to insert thousands of photos


My present database project has 3 container fields on what will be around 9,000 records. Most records will have an image for all three containers, some only 1 or 2. I'm storing only a link to the images.

I've searched this forum and read the suggestions on inserting photos, and read the Adobe Help, but really don't see an efficient way to do this. I fail to understand how the method using a script and url/data path works. That is either for one image or I'm failing to understand its use in inserting many images in many records.

Insert Picture takes too long especially because each time it is neccessary to scroll down the directory window to get to the next image in the list because it always reopens the picture directory window at the start. 

I thought of importing the main image and automatically create the record, which would make 1/3 of the process automatic. This would be a big help, I could remove the secondary photos, insert the main photos, then put the secondary photos back in the folder and use Insert Picture to get them.

With only a link to the photo, it is of course necessary to re-link the photos if they are moved, unlike in Adobe InDesign where when you show it where one of the moved images is located, it finds and relinks with the remainder in that same new folder location. Is there a re-link method I haven't found yet in FMP?

Thank you for suggestions and help.