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How can I "Send Mail" to multiple Specified Fields?

Question asked by gregew on Aug 14, 2013
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How can I "Send Mail" to multiple Specified Fields?


     Is it possible to Send Mail (e-mail) to addresses found in more than one Field?  I successfully send mail all the time; however, I find it a pain to have to go back and re-specify a different email field to send the same message to a different batch of people.  Using the semi-colon or carriage return technique used when actual email addresses are entered doesn't work in this case.

     If a Calculation of some sort would work, that I might be able to figure out; however, I'm too inexperienced in Scripts if that's what it would take to accomplish this goal.  (That is, unless some hero emerged to send me a template!)


     Greg EplerWood

     Burlington, Vermont, USA