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How can I 'combine' two repeating feelds

Question asked by GötzReinicke on Aug 15, 2012
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How can I 'combine' two repeating feelds



I do have the german version of filemaker installed, so may be the type or feal options may be a bit differend named than my translation.It a sort of quick and dirty all in one database.... Redesign on scedule for 5 years ... :/

O.K. I do have two data fealds : "Events" and "Status" located in the same tabel/database as perosons related to an invitation to an event.

If I add a new event, I select it from a drop down box and set the status of the invitation in the same row.

Now if i search for an event and e.g. the status "registered", I do get all results of the event AND ALL persons which registered ever for any kind of an event.

My question: Is there a simple (magic) search option or seting to force a search just on the same row?



EVENT               STATUS Birthd.      registered

Meeting B          not confirmed

Carwash            registered


I like to find only registerde persons for the Birthd.


ANy ideas, suggestions beside a redesign Cool


Thankd a lot!