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    How can I break out this info?



      How can I break out this info?





      This is in a .txt file. I'm going to import it into FM. Is there a way to break out the info before i import it or do i have to run a script in FM after and parse it out that way?

      The state and zip are combined there is a space then the phone numbers.

      This is what i want to try to import.                              

      State:: ID     ZipCode:: 83686     PhoneNumber:: 208-863-3064


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          Don't you want:

          State: ID, ZipCode: 83713?

          I would set up an import into a staging table with a text field and then use a script to extract the data from the records in the staging table.

          Either that or use a text wrangler type utility to make a batch modification of the data to get it into a better format before import. If you can get the text onto a single line, for example, you could import the data into a text field and set up your other fields with auto-enter calculations that parse out the various values during the import.

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            thank you