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How can I check if a value is in a valuelist?

Question asked by ianmanning on Nov 8, 2010
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How can I check if a value is in a valuelist?


I have a tree structure for products.

Top level, sub 1 level, sub 2 level.

there are 3 branches from the top level, multiple branches in the sub 1 level and then multiple results in the sub 2 level.

I have a table with the fields for Top, sub 1 and a repeating field for sub 2

ie there are many records with the same top values, the sub 1 value in each of these records is unique and then each of these holds the posible values for sub 2

I use this table in a conditional valuelist to only display those values that are valid for the top, sub 1 selection.

This all works Ok, in a new record I can select the top level and will be shown the valid options for Sub 1, after selection one of the valid sub 1 values I am then presented with the valid sub 2 values.

However most records already have the three level values entered and I now need to flag any that are invalid. ie the value stored in sub 2 is not valid for the values in top and Sub 1

an easy example would be top = Food, sub 1= apple,  sub 2 = boot this needs to be flagged as wrong because the only valid values for  top = Food, sub 1= apple, are Red or Green

In summary I need to check if the value in Sub2 is included in the conditional valuelist for sub2