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    How can I compare 2 tables?



      How can I compare 2 tables?


           hi all,


           i am new to Filemaker and hope I can get some help here.


           I need to compare 2 price list. One from 2013 and another 2014. They have 99% the same products description and same catalogue numbers but different prices.


           How do I create a report to show 4 fields: "Catalogue number", "Product Description", "Price in 2013", Price in 2014", "Percentage change"?





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               First, it sounds like you need two tables but not the two tables that you seem to assume with your thread title:

               One table, products should have one record for each product and only one record for each product. Pricing info might not be in this table. A second table would have your pricing info with a year, a price and the productID.

               By linking the two tables by ProductID, you can use filtered portals to the yearly pricing table (or filtered relationships) to show the yearly pricing info on a products layout by putting two one row portals on your layout.

               But it seems unusual that prices would change only once a year so I wonder if there is more to this than you have described thus far.