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How can I create this layout?

Question asked by SamRembert on May 28, 2014
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How can I create this layout?


     I touched on this a few months ago in another post, and the results got me somewhere, but I've kind of hit a wall.

     I need to take a list of data and break it down, using sub-summaries.  Easy.  The hard part comes when I'm trying to line everything up.  I don't necessarily want each sub summary to take up another line of paper.  Rather, I'd like the first body line to appear in the same row as the sub-summary.

     When doing simple one-field summaries, this is pretty easy using some conditional formatting.  But I'm having trouble figuring out how to do it when I have multiple summary fields calculating within one line, but for different summaries.  Not sure this is even possible in Filemaker.  I used to do it using the "1-pixel Sub-Summary" trick, but that was clunky.

     In this basic example, I'll use the five fields:

  •           Unit
  •           Shelf
  •           Type
  •           Quantity
  •           Total Quantity

     I can't seem to enter stuff in the text box of this forum to make everything line up, so I'll do it in an image.

     So the first part of the image is a simple list of items, broken down by the "Storage Unit" and the "Shelf" they sit on.

     When all is said and done, I'd want the list to total the number of each item on each shelf, as well as the total number of items per shelf.  This is a purely hypothetical example, but it's a simplification of what I actually want to accomplish but can't figure out.  It's having two separately calculated results on one line which is baffling me.  Well, that and getting multiple sub-summaries to go into the same line, which I believe isn't possible.

     An even bigger part is figuring out the dividing lines between sections, since conditional formatting can't be used for this.  Can anyone figure this one out?