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    How can I fix this?



      How can I fix this?


           i created a customer layout. I use the same table for sales and customer service folks to enter a new customer.

           I have a required filed for the phone number.

           In the sales customer entry, when they go into the layout, to make it secure so they can only see their information, i take their id with me, create a new record, set their id into the sales id field.

           If they do not enter the phone number, the File Maker pop up from the required field appears. Its asking if i want to revert or enter the phone. There are 3 options. Revert, Yes, No. 

           If i say yes it goes back to the layout and they can enter the phone, but it removes the sales ID #.

           What can i do so it does not remove the sales ID #?


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               What is the "sales ID#" is this a value that the user has to enter or select manually?

               I'd set up an auto-enter field that auto-enters an account name to record who created the record.

               And I'd use the OnObjectModify trigger to catch such issues so as to handle the user error in a much more friendly manner than the standard validation error message.

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                 I assign their Sales ID #. They do not put it any fields. I do that through scripts. I don't want a sales person to be able to view other sales folks info. only what accounts each have so there is not overlap.

                 How can i get auto-entered account name to associate with the Sales Id #????

                 i thought about the onobjectmodify but if they don't put the phone in it won't run that script.

                 I could run a onlayoutexit script when they exit the record, that will bring up my pop up if the info is not there.

                 Thank you


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                   How can i get auto-entered account name to associate with the Sales Id #????

                   Set up a table with one record for each Sales ID#. Have one field for the ID and one for the account name. Link this table by account name to the original table. If you want, you can use an auto-enter setting to copy over the salesID from this field.