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    How can I get data from others tablets on a layout?



      How can I get data from others tablets on a layout?



      I'm noob at FileMaker. Some days ago I developed my first FileMaker case contained in a pdf file for beginners like me titled "FileMaker Training Series: Basics" (link). In that file you can get a first sight about FileMaker basics. Now I'm developing a self-case but I'm stuck.

      My database has three tables:

      • Flats (Primary key: Flat ID, Foreign Key: none)
      • Owners (P.K.: Owner ID, F.K.: Flat ID)
      • Tenants (P.K.: Tenant ID, F.K.: Flat ID)

      Every table has some Records already and a layout. And the tables have their relations established:

      • A Flat belongs to one Owner.
      • An Owner may own one or many Flats.
      • A Tenant may rent one Flat.

      Any Record hasn't been assigned to any other one yet. At the moment any Record belongs, owns or rents anything. 

      Here is where I'm stuck:

      I have designed a layout for the Flats. The layout, named "Flats Details", contains a form which user can fill it with all the information related to one Flat. What I want to do is (1) to add a Drop-down list field on the form where user can find all Tenants names (a field ) and select one. Once user has selected one, (2) I want to add another fields which display automatically some information from that Tenant like his email, phone number, etc. 

      Well, being in Layout mode with this form, I said to the Field Picker to show me Tenant fields. After that I added to the form a drop-down list field for Tenants name. I created a new values list with all Tenants names, etc. But when I exit of Layout mode, this drop-down list doesn't display any name and I don't know why. Also I don't know how to do my second goal. 

      I don't want no one gives me a solution just some indications. I don't know how to solve this yet and I spent a lot of hours searching for something but I don't know what search already. Should I implement a script? or should I create a Calculation? Is anything I'm doing wrong? Can anyone tell me about another threat that maybe help me?


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          Just to clarify your relationships.  Flats should be your join table.  It should have a FK from Tenants and a FK from Owners.  If you have these relationships, and allow creation of records in the relationships, things will work easier.  Also, something to consider is can a flat have more then one owner?  If so then you may need another table between Owners & Flats.

          Your drop down can be a field in a portal on the Flats table, based on a value list of Tenants PK, with the second field being Tenants names (can even be a calculated field of Tenants::First Name & " " & Tenants::Last Name.

          An example of this can be found in the Invoices Starter Solution where Flats are Invoices, and Tenants are Line Items.