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    How can I get Image dimenesions



      How can I get Image dimenesions


      I am working on a project, using FileMaker Pro11 and SuperContainer to create a digital archive.  I need to find a way to capture the dimensions of the images, in pixals, (ex. 350X485) to automate the creation of an HTML code file for posting the images to the web.  Is there a way to get the metadata on the image file related to its dimemsions, not file size?  I have looked in past posts here and on 360Works, and cannot find anything that assists me.

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          Perhaps this can help:

          When Insert Picture is used to insert an image "by reference", the first line of text in the container field is the size.

          The first line in one of my container fields where such an image was inserted, reads: size:300,225. Presumably, that means this image is 300 x 225 pixels.

          I could extract this text if I used this expression: GetValue ( ContainerField ; 1 ).