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    How can I group fields, to cut



      How can I group fields, to cut & paste, for mass emailing


      Hello.  I have been using FMP for years, but only recently updated to FMP 10.  


      Here is my major question....I send out mass emails, and normally I would export my email fields to Excel, then cut & paste multiple names into and email & send.


      I want to know if there is a way I can do this without Excel?


      For example...I want to "find" all my "email" fields...over 1000.  Then somehow be able to cut & paste them into my email.  Right now, I only know to copy one email at a time and that takes forever.


      Is this possible?


      Thank you. 

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          Are you wanting to the same email to multiple email recipients?


          Find out which delimitter works with your email software:


          address1, address2, address3,...




          address1; address2; address3;...


          Depending on the structure of your database there are several different ways to put such a list into a single field and then specify this field as the email address in the Send Mail action or script step.


          It can be done in a script or it may even be possible to do it in a calculation field.


          #Perform a find to find all the records that contain an email address to which you plan to send the email

          Go To Record [First]


            #In the next step change ; to , if you need to use that delimitter for your email software

            Set Variable [$EmailList; Value: $EmailList & "; " & YourTable::YourEmailField]

            Go To Record [next; exit after last]

          End Loop

          Set Field [YourTable::YourGlobalSendField; Right($EmailList; Length($EmailList) - 2 /* strip off the leading "; " */]

          #Now you can use YourTable::YourGlobalSendField as your specified field to send out your email

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            No need to copy or paste - the Send Mail script step can do this.


            In the Send Mail script step options, you can specify to create: One email using data from the current record; Multiple emails (one for each record in found set).


            The first option, creating one email using data from the current record, is a little misleading. You actually can send one email using data from each record in the found set for the to, CC and BCC email fields, as they each have the option "Collect addresses accross found set". The only limitation with this approach is the subject and body will be identical for all recipients.


            The second approach will create one email for each recipient. This approach allows you to change the subject and body with record specific information.