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How can I have FMPro create 2 distinct records in a table from the form of a related table?

Question asked by ChristianNorland on Oct 7, 2011
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How can I have FMPro create 2 distinct records in a table from the form of a related table?


New to filemaker, I'm discovering relational databases but getting stuck

I'm creating a small database for the necessities of a golf match play championship. I've created 3 tables:

-players (name, first name, tel, email, adress, etc)

- individual rounds (id round, date, name, first name, gross score, net, ...) (NB 1 round per player)

-matches (id match, result match, score match,id round 1, name player 1,id round 2 name player 2, score 1,score2, etc)


I'd like to link the 3

The link between players and rounds is fine: the info from my players records appears correctly when I fill in the last name.

1st request: is there an "auto fill" feature whereby while typing, the name auto fills until I validate the field?

2nd request concerning the match table: I get stuck: I would like to be able to fill into an single form the results of the match AND the individual scores of each of the players (including different stats on their quality of play: number of shots, fairways hit, greens, putts, bunkers, with points attributed). TWO distinct records would therefore have to be created in the "individual round" table (one for each player) but only one in the match table. I Have added a screen shot of the type of form I would like to be able to use

I have two distinct "id player" fields in my match table (one for each player) that would need to link to specific records created automatically in the "individual rounds" table as the form was created. But FMPro asks me to duplicate tables in the relationships pane, and the I lose it... I have checked the boxes allowing the creation of records in linked tables but somehow it doesnt work.

3rd request: To be able to navigate in the form between fields I have activated tab "browsing", works ok BUT I would like the tabulation to follow a specific order. How can I specify which field gets activated after another when I tab?


HELP! & thanks!