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    How can I make links to websites in FMPro?



      How can I make links to websites in FMPro?



      I would like to include links to websites in records of my database. For example i have one record called 'Empire State Building' then under a field called 'Links to writings' I would like to have a list of links to webpages for example the NYTimes of articles that are written on the subject of empire state building. I understand that i can just simply copy the webpage from my webbrowser into the field and save it and when i need to go to the website, just copy and paste it from that entry. But I would like that if i just click on the webaddress in my field that it opens my webbrowser and the website in question directly instead of me having to copy and paste. Is that possible? I m very grateful for any help on the subject!




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          You can do it two ways:

          - attach to a button a script step 'Go To URL' and then use that field to be the specified URL


          - put a WebViewer on a layout and direct it to use that URL and it will display it within FM for you.


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            Thanks Sorbsbuster!


            To me that s really unhandy and counter-intuitive and shows a clear limitation of filemaker.

            I just want to be able to simply copy and paste many weblinks, not just one, for each record i have. I want to be able to quickly change them if necessary.

            But the ways you describe mean i would have to go to 'Edit Layout' and define weblinks there. And what if on one record i have 20 weblinks? I need to make 20 buttons? and then the next record has only two wbelinks i have 18 buttons too much?  Even in a simple word document i can just define text as link to a webpage, this seems not possible in FM then..please correct me if i am wrong. but in that case the easiest solution to me then is to just define a text field and copy and paste by hand weblinks in and out of each record....

            all the best



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              I am happy to say you have underestimated why Filemaker is so good.

              Create a table, WebLinks.  Have 3 fields in it - OriginalRecordID (whatever is the unique ID of the records you are describing), URLID (a unique serial ID number in this new table) and URLToGoTo (the URL that you want available to that record).

              Create a relationship from your original table to that table, using OriginalRecordID.  Put a portal of that relationship on the original layout.  You will now have a totally flexible list of URls available to that record.  Put the button in the portal row (or just make the portal row the button) and clicking on it will open the URL.