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How can I make links to websites in FMPro?

Question asked by KarlDengl on Oct 7, 2011
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How can I make links to websites in FMPro?



I would like to include links to websites in records of my database. For example i have one record called 'Empire State Building' then under a field called 'Links to writings' I would like to have a list of links to webpages for example the NYTimes of articles that are written on the subject of empire state building. I understand that i can just simply copy the webpage from my webbrowser into the field and save it and when i need to go to the website, just copy and paste it from that entry. But I would like that if i just click on the webaddress in my field that it opens my webbrowser and the website in question directly instead of me having to copy and paste. Is that possible? I m very grateful for any help on the subject!