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How can I make pictures appear in a table layout?

Question asked by akarelias on Sep 2, 2009
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How can I make pictures appear in a table layout?


I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 10 for the Mac.


I have created a database for my photo collection. Each record has multiple fields and one of the fields is a container which holds a photo.  What I am unable to achieve is to have a layout that shows all the photos in a table format (like they are shown in stock photo agencies).


Using the List view is not practical because I have more than 400 images and I have to scroll up and down all he time to find an image, whereas with the table format that I describe above, i will be able to see multiple images (let's say 10 images across x as many rows as needed).  


The following image shows how I would like the layout to look like.  



I would appreciate any help that someone might give me with instructions on how I can achieve the above. Thank you very much in advance.


regards - Andreas