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how can I make the relationships I establish more specific..

Question asked by AziHej on Sep 10, 2010
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how can I make the relationships I establish more specific..


Hi all, I'm a newbie and have been having some issues with filemaker. Basically I work at a production company and my boss would like me to create a database where she can type in the writer and the screenplays/books he's written. So I set up relationships where if you type in an author you've already inserted into the database, his work will automatically fill in and all I have to do is type in the new piece of work. Sometimes however there is more than one writer so I have been encountering the following problem:

Let’s say in one record I add Mark Edmund and Erik Rode as co-writers for THE FIT and then in a separate record I add Mark Edmund as the only writer for YOU AND ME.. Filemaker automatically adds YOU AND ME to the “Mark Edmund and Erik Rode” record because it’s connecting it to the name “Mark Edmund” which is obviously problematic. I initially had it so the "last name" and "first name" were two separate fields, but then I changed it so that "last name, first name" go into the same field in hopes of eliminating this problem, but it looks like filemaker needs to recognize only one of the names to autofill. How do I make it so that ALL the names have to match in order to auto fill? Can I make the relationship more specific? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.. I am so lost right now..