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How can I override a calculation field

Question asked by ianmanning on Oct 14, 2010
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How can I override a calculation field


I have thousands of Product records many of which have incorrect information in them.

They all have to have a new set of data added to them which is in a tree style ie top, sub1, sub2

The new information can come from 3 sources. First is a complex calculation bassed upon thier current data.

second is a complex calculation bassed upon an external set of data.

Third is manually enter the data.

I am using a number of conditional lists to present the operator with a sub set of radio buttons bassed upon their previous selection in the tree.

I would like to be able to show any new data that has been calculated in the same radio buttons but still allow the operator to change the currently calculated value and select a new value where the calculation has failed/ not done because of insufficient data etc.

For example the top level should always be able to be calculated from existing data but this is wrong on many cases. This will be corrected by the external data in most cases. The operator needs to be able to see what the information is and still be able to change it.

In many cases the Top and Sub1 level will be correct but sub 2 is missing etc

The problem I am having is that if I set the Top , Sub1 & Sub2 as calculations I cannot change them manually.

I could run the calculations then change the fields back to text but the problem I have is that multiple people are going to be working on this data correction. The original data needs to be corrected and the new data needs to be corrected If someone corrects the original data then the new data should be calculated correctly so I would like to be able to keep the calculation and be able to change the results.

Is there a way I can do this?

For new records I could use an auto enter calculation but the records already exist.

Thanks for your assistance.