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    How Can I Reach Filemaker Sales?



      How Can I Reach Filemaker Sales?


      I am switching from a competitor database system, because I need a database development that works on the Mac OSX platform.

      I have tried for three days to get a Filemaker salesperson to contact me.  I have left messages, sent e-mails, etc.  

      Now I have a great concern.  If I have to try so hard to get someone to sell me a 5-license package, how hard will it be to get service and support if I should need it after purchase?

      I love all the reviews that I have read concerning Filemaker Pro, but I have questions that I cannot get answered.

      Does Filemaker do a good job with support AFTER the sell? 

      Can anyone tell me how to reach a salesperson that can answer my pre-sell questions, and then take my order?



      Dr. Marty O. Wynn

      Columbus, GA

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          I was about to tell you to click the company button at the top of the page, but you have apparently done that already. I can private message a manager that I know and maybe he can go light a fire under the sales staff.

          In the meantime, why not ask your "pre-sales" questions here? Unlike a salesperson, we won't benefit directly from selling you product and can answer from our personal expreiences with the product and our experiences are likely to be more accurate than what a salesperson can tell you anyway.

          You can also contact their customer support line for techincal questions. We did that when we were trying to make sure we had a server that would work for the version of FileMaker Server that we needed and they were happy to answer our questions.

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            Thanks for the reply.  Sam, from sales, contacted me and we are getting ready to place an order and become part of the Filemaker family. :)