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How can I rename an email PDF file attachment?

Question asked by JHHowland on Mar 23, 2015
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How can I rename an email PDF file attachment?


A Marina Reservation is created with Filemaker 11 Advanced and then a PDF file invoice record of the reservation is sent to a "Reservations" directory. Then, an email reservation acknowledgment with that PDF file as an attachment is automatically sent to the customer.

My problem revolves around needing to keep the PDF Reservation file name constant (Reserva.PDF) so the FMP Email script element can locate that named PDF file as its attachment over and over for each reservation generated; yet be able to rename the PDF file to make it unique for archiving purposes.

I would like to be able to rename each PDF Reservation occurrence with an added invoice number identifier and time stamp, i.e. example: Reserva_150013_32320151334.pdf.