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How can I restrict a summary field to a date range when displayed in a report?

Question asked by SwissMac on Jan 28, 2013
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How can I restrict a summary field to a date range when displayed in a report?


     I'm sorry if I don't explain this well, I am not sure exactly what I am doing and don't use FM much, just in flurries every year or so, but with great help from people on here I am learning a lot! :-)

     I have a report that displays the following info per row:

     sjSelectedQuarter::TotalInAccount (A self-join to dValues - thanks Phil!)
     dCashInOut::TotalNetChange (a summary of TotalNetChange)

     The report is based on dValues and the tables referred to are related in this way

     ClientInfo --< dValues = sjSelectedQuarter
     ClientInfo --< dCashInOut

     I want to show the summary total of all cash movements into and out of the account, filtered by the time period but all I get is an unfiltered total of all cash movements, in all timeframes. How can I ensure only those cash movements within the specified time period are added together in the summary field?

     The summary field dCashInOut::TotalNetChange summarises as a total dCashInOut::NetChange where dCashInOut::NetChange ia  Calculated field on dCashInOut::CashIn - dCashInOut::CashOut

     I was thinking I might need a global field, but couldn't work out of what, or where to put it - maybe dValues::gQuarter? Should I then put this into the report row too? Or is there a problem with the relationships?

     My report shows the records for a particular date range, per client. There are many entries for each client in each time period, but I only want to summarise those relevant to the time period being examined. The totals for the beginning and end of the time period are correctly filtered, but the values from dCashInOut are not.

     Where am I going wrong?