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How Can I Resume a Paused (Indefinitely) script using a script?

Question asked by bmagargal on Jul 12, 2012
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How Can I Resume a Paused (Indefinitely) script using a script?


I am working on a specialized Countdown Time App. The user starts the timer, then after it stops (and plays a sound), the user clicks a button to start the next cycle. This part is easy. However, while waiting for the user to click I have a simple loop that updates the overall elapsed time for the accumulated sessions. I handle this using a "pause timer" flag (see script).

The problem is the timer loop goes into an indefinite pause after the pause flag is reset (to resume). This happens UNLESS I do one of the following: A) if I use the script debugger everything works fine.  B) I add a 2nd button to "Resume", the script continues. The user shouldn't have to click two different buttons to reset the countdown timer.

SO, is there a way to Resume an indefinite pause using a script, OR is there a way that I can have a script activate a button whose only purpose is to Resume a paused script?  Perhaps there is a better way to do this whole thing, i.e. a countdown timer plugin or something?


Thanks for any help you can offer  - Bill