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how can i revert filemaker pro entries?

Question asked by annewellmer on Feb 6, 2014
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how can i revert filemaker pro entries?


     2 hours ago the contents of a text field in a database were replaced with the same identical sentence for each and every record. I DIDN"T NOTICE THAT  ANYTHING WAS HAPPENING !!!!! i was zooming into a image at that moment to be able to read some scribbles on a photo more easily. when i returned to regular 100% filemaker view all data in the text field had been replaced in that field for 2117 entries.

     if there is no auto-recover or history function in filemaker pro I will have lost at least two weeks of intensive database work. if not more.

     the revert and undo options are not highlighted. 

     are there really no auto-save or recovery-copies made in filemaker pro - in 2014 ????!!!!!

     in emergency moments like this an "UNDO button" or "AUTO SAVE every hour function" would be highly appreciated!!!!!!

     i work with FilemakerPro12 on a MAC OS 10.7.5  -  i am NOT on a network because i am working on the database, reparing faulty entries and adding new material. (BUT: i was online when it happened).