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    how can I see all the payments divided by months and days?



      how can I see all the payments divided by months and days?


           Hi, I'm really new in using FM and I'm trying to build a database for my activity (dogs and cats "hotel"). I made tables for clients informations (name, address, phone etc.), for the related animal they have (dog or cat, name, age etc.), for the booking they do (period from-to, price, numner of days, total amount, date of payment). Now I would like to have a "page" where I can see, for every month of the year, in every day of this month how much money I received from clients, but I don't know how to do it.

           Is there someone that would like to help me?

           Thanks in advance


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               Much would depend on how you have set up your tables. But if you have a table where each record contains a single payment and a date field that records when that payment was received, you can set up a summary report that produces this result.

               First, you need two additional fields if you have not already added them to your table:

               sTotalPayment: This is a field of type summary set to compute the total of your payment field. DO NOT make this a running total summary field.

               cMonth: A field of type calculation; give it this expression: YourPaymentDateFIeld - Day ( YourPaymentDateField ) + 1; Select Date as the result type in the drop down provided. This calculation computes the date of the first day of the month of the same month as the date in your paymet date field.

               Now you can set up a layout that will be viewed in List View:

               Add a sub summary part (use the Part Setup... menu option), When Sorted by cMonth. Put cMonth and sTotalPayment in this layout part. Use data formatting in the inspector to only display the name of the month or the month name and year in cMonth.

               Add another sub summary part below it, when sorted by your payment date field. Put the payment date field and sTotalPayment in this sub summary part.

               If you then sort the records in this table by cMonth, then by paymentDateField, you'll see totals for each month and each day. You can either keep the body layout part and use it to list the actual payment records for each day, or you can delete the body layout part and just list the totals. Please note that a sub summary part is invisible until you sort your records by the "sorted by" field specified for it.

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            PhilModJunk , thank you very much for your precious help. I read your post and I guess I understood what you explained me. In this weekend, as soon as I have some time, I'll try to follow your instructions and let you know if evreything has worked.

                 Thank you!!