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How can i store the results of  calculations in Variables?

Question asked by Michelle_1 on Aug 19, 2012
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How can i store the results of  calculations in Variables?


Hello Experts!

How can i store the results of calculations or Summary Fields in Variables?

affff its all so complicated :(

i have 2 Tables. Table 1 is where i type all the orders for all the workers from all custumers.

on this table i have calculated fields that shows me how much they should earn as comission.

I have a Script that shows me betwen a time range what and how much one of my workers should earn (for this time range) and shows me all on a Report based on this table (Table 1)


I have then another table, "table 2"

on this table i want a new record, that should show the results i got on my Report (based on table 1!!):

Record nr:________

Worker Nr:_________


Ammount of commission: ________________ from Date 1__________ to Date 2_________

Ammount of tax:_________


The fields "worker nr." ; "Date"; "date 1" and "date 2" works perfectly. Just the Summary and calculated fields wont.

I get then the total ammount "ever" but not sorted by worker or time range....


I wonder then how i could index those calculated fields or just "grab" the results generated by my script and put it on my new table....

I really really MUST get it done and appreciate any help!