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How can I Summarize selected portal rows

Question asked by KevinO'Neill on Jan 24, 2012
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How can I Summarize selected portal rows



I am looking to summarize selected portal rows. For example

I have a members database. On each members page there is a portal that lists dues payments. Every year dues are (should be) paid. Some members want to pay in installments. i enter each payments based on the year.

Payment 1...2012...AmountPaid...Check number... etc etc

Payment 2...2012...AmountPaid...Check number... etc etc

Payment 3...2012...AmountPaid...Check number... etc etc

Payment 1...2011...AmountPaid...Check number... etc etc


i want to add up only the 2012 payments. the field with 2012 is called Dues year. 2011 is Dues year-1. I tried to get it to comapre to a field called CurrentDuesYear which returns the current year 2012. Because the total needs to compare to a prescribed amount to return an Up to Date Status

I tried this: Case ( Dues::DuesYear = CurrentDuesYear; Sum (Dues::Amount Paid);0) but it didn't work

Any guidance would be appreciated