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How can two portals work together

Question asked by Vicky on Jul 11, 2013
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How can two portals work together



     I am new to Filemaker and the concepts of portals and table occurrences confuse me.  My database knowledge is really limited.

     On the order layout, I have created one portal(Portal A) based on the model table with two fields: model and quantity. Portal A works with a value list for factory id and factory name so that when a factory is selected,  Portal A will display all the different models from the selected factory and users can type in values for quantity. Each factory is supposed to be able to get multiple orders and to be able to have different quantities for the same models.

     Portal A displays models and quantity when a factory is selected, but each time I create a new order and use the same factory, the quantity remains the same and when changed, all the quantities for the model on the other orders change too. I do not know how to make it so that each time a new order is created, the quantity will be blank and will not affect previous orders.

     Portal A is supposed to work with Portal B so that  Portal B can act like a receipt where it displays the model and quantity selected in Portal A along with other information such as price and which factory the models are from.  Looking around on forums, I think I need to create a TO for Model, but I do not know how to connect it to the other tables. I have tried connecting it to the Order table using OrderID and creating a portal based on the new TO for Model, but nothing shows up in the portal.

     I have uploaded a screenshot of the order layout with the portals and the relationships between the tables without the new Model TO.

     I apologize for the long post. Any help will be appreciated,

     Thank you!