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How capture name of Related Table?

Question asked by sccardais on Jul 26, 2014
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How capture name of Related Table?


     I have a file with three data tables plus a Notes table. I use the Notes table to hold my Dev notes and ideas. I have a popover button on each layout that displays a portal that allows me to add a note. New notes are related to one of the three other tables. They are linked using different TO's through a relationship between Notes (field = Ref_ID) and unique ID fields in each of the other three tables.

     When I create a new note, I want to capture the name of the table associated in a field in the Notes table, "Ref_Table."

     So, each note in the Notes table would have a text field (Ref_Table) showing which of the other three tables it is associated with.

     How do I automatically populate Ref_Table with the name of the related table when I create a new Note?