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How custom can WebDirect be with FM Server?

Question asked by VaanNeil on Mar 10, 2015
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How custom can WebDirect be with FM Server?


Right now we use a hosted FM server where you pay like $40 a month for 2 databases unlimited users etc.  It works good but the problem is with the branding.  They support a custom domain, like, however when you go there, it just immediately changes the URL to etc which I don't like.  It then pops up a log in screen saying enter your database credentials.  It then goes to a branded FileMaker page where you select your 1 and only database, and then it logs in.  If I use FM Server on my own hardware and buy it vs shared, am I able to:

- Have my own URL like that goes to a custom log in page that is branded etc vs the default pop up to log in?

- Have it be that when you log in, it goes right to the database, and doesn't list that "Select Database" with the FileMaker logo page?  Or at minimum change it to my own logo?  Really want to avoid this page entirely if possible as I want users to think they are using a dedicated application, not opening some database file.