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    How do i approach this problem?....



      How do i approach this problem?....


      How do i create a system that allows me to select a product from the first data entry point, which in turns allows me to select a sub-product entry from a list that is specific to the initial selection?


      I guess its some kind of cascade that i need, but i am unsure how to achieve it?


      do i create a dropdown value list for all products, and separate lists for each set of sub-products? How do i tell the database to only show the relevant sub-product list?


      thanks in advance 

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          Hi LightningAd


          What you need to setup here is a dynamic value list based on field values via a relationship set when you make your first selection.


          First you system needs to have the PRODUCTs and SUB-PRODUCTs in two individual tables, with SUB-PRODUCTs related to PRODUCTs either via the ID or ProductName, For this we will say ProductName to simplify the setup but you can ammend accordingly, so each Sub-Product has a ProductName from the PRODUCT table


          The you have your ORDERS table, for the purpose of this, will have a ProductName field that will be the key for your dynamic value list.


          Set up a relationship between ORDERS and SUB-PRODUCTS


            ORDERS                Orders_SUBPRODUCTS

            ProductName --=-- ProductName


          And you will then setup two value lists, Products and SubProductsDynamic


          To setup a value list based on a field you need to


          File > Manage > Value Lists... Click "New"


          Name the value list ProductList

          specify Use value from field: Selecting the PRODUCTS table under Use Values from first field, and then selecting the Name field

          Also make sure "Include all values" is selected


          And now for the Sub-Products dynamic list, mostly the same


          Name the value list SubProductsDynamic

          specify Use value from field: Selecting the Orders_SUBPRODUCTS table under Use Values from first field, and then selecting the Sub-Products Name field

          But instead of "Include all values" select "Include only related values starting from:" and specify ORDERS


          Now attach these value lists to your fields by double clicking on them in layout mode and from the Field/Control Setup dialog select "Pop-up Menu" from Display as: and the from the options of Display value from: specify the appropriate value list you just setup.


          Now in browse mode on an Order record make a selection in your ProductName field and then click into the Sub-Products name field and it should be filtered.


          Please let me know if anything is unclear and needs more explanation  and I will do my best.

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            Thanks Orlando, after reading your post, the workflow all seems to become much clearer! 




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              I have a similar problem and your anser works just fine for showing the related values, but what if you want to use the 'lookup' feature as well? There may be information you want from the SUB-PRODUCT table to be inserted automatically in the ORDER table. How can you do it, considering the fact that the system always returns the first related value from the SUB-PRODUCT table (and not necessarily the one you choose)?


              I found a solution using a portal and a set-up button, but is there a way to use a pop-up menu?


              Thanks in advance.