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How do I assign records to users?

Question asked by LeeMoreau on Nov 29, 2014
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How do I assign records to users?


I have FM Pro 13, feel like this is a dumb question.  We used Salesforce before but super basic, just to track accounts, contacts etc nothing crazy so was overkill.  Really loving FileMaker but I'm confused as to how to deal with user accounts in terms of assigning records to users.

Under manage security, I created all my users there.  I'm just not sure how to actually assign it to someone.  What I tried to do was create a new field called "Owner" and made it a drop down with all users on there, but it's of course not tied to the actual user accounts, so can't do permissions etc.  At least I don't think?  I have the missing manual but can't seem to figure it out from there.  I made also in the Owner field it set to auto fill it in with the Name of the user that created it so it added my full first and last name, so that's how I changed it to a drop down with all other users, but still thinking it's not the same thing.

Are there any guides or anywhere someone can point me to for more help?  Eventually it needs to be that only management users can change the assigned owner of a record.  Thanks!