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How Do I Build a Report Based on a Single Criteria Relationship

Question asked by KandraScott on Dec 17, 2014
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How Do I Build a Report Based on a Single Criteria Relationship



I have a created a single criteria relationship.  Corporate Account Class to Corporate Account Class.

I included a screen shot below.

Table one Corporate Accounts contains all of the Account numbers that belong to A Corporate Account Class.

Table two Corporate Accounts Pricing contains all of the Pricing for a SKU within a Corporate Account Class. 

I have a portal on my Corporate Accounts layout.  The portal is based on the Corporate Accounts Pricing table.


The portal comes out perfectly.  A list of all the chemicals sold to that account number and the correct price.

The problems is I can't get a report that prints this information.

If I set up a report based on Corporate Account Pricing.  All of the SKUs are listed, but only for 1 account per Corporate Account Class.

So lets say Corporate Account Class ARG has 4 accounts under it.  

Only the set of chemicals for account 195 prints on the report.

If I base the Report on the the Corporate Accounts table. All 4 accounts print, 195, 196, 198, and 199 but it only shows the first SKU 1347-5150 for the Class repeated. There are 9 other SKUs that should be listed.

How can I get the report to show all the Account #s and SKUs.

I even tried just an Excel export of all the Fields on the Corporate Accounts layout.

That printed all the SKUs, but every line between each Account # in the Account Number column was blank.

There are too many of these to copy and paste the missing information in.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.