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How do I calculate this? Can't seem to get it to work

Question asked by JuliaOlsen on Oct 13, 2014
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How do I calculate this? Can't seem to get it to work



I need to calculate how much $$ is being spent in each of 3 categories every month to be able to track whether or not we are in budget. I keep records of transactions in a table called Monthly Accounting. One table.  Each record has an ID, creation date, category for payment - I have Employee Salaries (A), Student Payments through Bursar's Office (B) , and Student Payments through Outreach Program (C) - and amount (I enter these as negative numbers since they are subtractions from the initial amount for each month.

So I want to know each month the total of A, the total of B and the total of C. I will need to sum each of these later into a report by fiscal year. 

I am able to get totals for ALL subtractions.

I am able to select out the records and get sub-summaries using portals. 

I can't see what I am doing wrong.  When I try to calculate with either "case" or "if" I get the total amount as if I have not selected records though case or  if.  For example: If ( Category = "Student Support | Bursar" ; Sum ( Amount) )

What am I doing wrong?