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    How do I collect sales data upon enter



      How do I collect sales data upon enter


           I own a vending business.  When I service a machine I want to be able to save the collected dollar amount and save the date and amount into another table so I have this data to run historical sales.  I want to be able to track sales figures by location as well as sales trends by date. I am sure I need to create another table but I am clueless as to what to do next. I have one table right now with all my data for each location stored. Where do I start?  

           Any help appreciated. 


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               Why not structure your table so that one record records this data for one machine on one date.

               Make your new table a table of vending machines with one record for each vending machine. Then you can link the two tables in a relationship and use a portal to your sales data on your vending machine layout to log each new set of sales information specific to that machine.

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                 I have a table I am currently working out of which has all the machine specs in it. It contains addresses, phones, contact names etc. I also have a LAST field, CYCLE  and NEXT field which I use for date calculations of when to service machines. LAST + CYCLE = NEXT. In this table I have a field next to each location called COLLECTED. I need to be able to enter an amount in the COLLECTED field and have it record the sales in another table. This is where I get lost. I attached a pic of the table it might help. 

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                   I would guess that the columns headed Prod1, Prod2, Prod3... are where you want to enter this data.

                   Given that you need to log inventory on multiple products, I'd set up the other table to log inventory for one machine for one product. This provides a lot more flexibility--getting a total on hand for each product over all your vending machines becomes simple to do, for one example.

                   I see a table view that would give you more options in List View. I see one column for each product, where you are recording data on each product in a different field.

                   In list view, you can add a portal to your other table and enter this data directly. The portal can be sorted to display the most recently entered data first--providing you with the most recent data when you pull up this layout.

                   And while you lose some flexibility, you can use a series of one row portals to get your row of product fields.