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How do I compile a URL that includes several latitude

Question asked by morgannews on Oct 8, 2010
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How do I compile a URL that includes several latitude & longitude pairs?


I have Filemaker Pro 7 and a database with 144 records of trees. Each record has a different set of latitude and longitude numbers in decimal form, corresponding to the location of each tree.

I'm trying to construct the URL for a Google Map that places push pins at the lat/longs of a group of records found in the database.

I know how to do this with one record, with all the front-end portion of the necessary URL and one record's lat/long info. But I want to plot up to 10 pins on the same Google map at the same time.

I know the concept of what I need for the URL in order to do this. The output format I need would be produced by something like this, using my variables collected from my group of found records, with each group of lat/longs separated by the pipe character:

latitude & "," & longitude & "|" & latitude & "," & longitude & "|" &...

When generated, the portion of the URL I need has to look like this:

49.2677,-123.1338|49.2675,-123.1292|... up to 10 lat/longs.

The problem is that I don't have enough experience with Filemaker to figure out how to get from the need to the output. ( I don't even know how to form the question in a way that I could do a Google search for possible examples done by others.) Is it a calculation? Is it a script? A combination of the two? I've spent a while trying to work it out, but to no avail.

How do I tell Filemaker to gather all the lat/long data in my found set and produce that output text string for the set, so I can add it to the back end of the URL?


/Peter Morgan