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    How do I control the view in the final runtime file?



      How do I control the view in the final runtime file?


      I made my runtime file and it works great. But I would like to see my database in form view and browse view only and grey out all the other options for changing the views and zoom levels in the layout. How do I do this?



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          There are two things you need to do here.


          First for the layout view options you need to change this in the Layout Setup options dialog. on the layout you want to change go into layout mode and then go 'Layouts > Layout Setup...'


          When the dialog appears click on the 'Views' tab and the you can check and uncheck the view options as appropriate, there are also additional Properties to customise Table view a little.


          Secondly to set and lock the Zoom Level you need to add the 'Set Zoom Level' script step to a script that will run on the database being opened, and when adding this step setting the Script Step Options by selecting the option to 'Lock' and setting the zoom level as required.


          Let me know if this needs any additional explanation.

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               I tried to make a script that does these things, but I realise that I have bno idea where to put this script. ANd connected to thi problem, how do I tell mt database with which layout screen it has to open? Or better said: I only have 1 layout screen but onthis screen, I put a set of tabs. I would like to open the database on the first tab, but now it always opens on another tab. How do I control this and where do I put the scripts for this?
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              Hi Andre


              Once you have setup the script you need to set it to run on Open. First the scritp should be something like this:





                Go To Layout [ Your Layout ]

                Set Zoom Level [ Lock, 100% ]



              Then close ScriptMaker and go 'File > File Options...' The File Options dialog will appear and you have options for 'When opening this file' and from here you can speciy an account to auto login to, a layout to go to and which Script to Perform, as well as which script to perform when the file is closed.


              In the dialog, click on 'Specify...' next to 'Perform script:' and select your 'Open' script above and now whenever you open the file this will run.


              With the default tab panel, this is controlled primarily on the layout, to set this depends on the version of FileMaker you are running. 


              If you are running FileMaker 9 you have the option to set the default tab in the Tab Control Setup dialog, open the dialog and top right there is an option 'Default Front Tab' and here you select the tab you always want the screen to start on.


              If you are running FileMaker 8 or 8.5 you need to make sure the tab you want at the front is always the one you are in when you go from Layout Mode into Browse Mode.


              Another handy tip with tabs allows to to change active tabs in a script, if you are using 8.5 or 9 is to give each tab an object name, in layout mode open the Info Panel, 'View > Object info', and you have the option to give items 'Object Names'. Click on a tab and the object name field in the info panel will become active and you can type a name in here.


              Once you have named the tabs you can use the 'Go to Object' script step to bring specific tabs to the front while running a script or pressing a button. You could add this into your Open script to make sure the user is always on the right tab at startup.


              I hope this helps