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How Do I Count the Number of Integers in a Field?

Question asked by fmkelly on Apr 8, 2013
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How Do I Count the Number of Integers in a Field?


     I'm creating a production form for screen printing team shirts.  Below is a screen shot of part of the form.  At the bottom of the form (not shown here) there is a summary total for each size so we can order shirts by team.  In the example below, all players get a XXL shirt.   You'll see on the far right, a column of numbers under the # symbol.  These are the numbers that will be printed on the back of each player's shirt.  Nat gets a "25", Tim a "24", Bobby a "2' and John wants a "6".  Four players for a total of 6 digits...2...5...2...4...2...6.  We price $1.55 per digit.  If I can summarize the total number of digits to be applied, in this case, 6, I can then multiply that by $1.55 to get a total for applying numbers.  It would sure make biling quicker!

How do I create a summary field that tallies the total of digits in the # column.  Your thoughts?

     (Note: In this example, each player is their own 'record'. You are seeing the form as a list.)