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    How do I create "Global Serial Numbers"



      How do I create "Global Serial Numbers"


      I'm trying to create a unique id number that can be used across multiple tables. i would use time in microseconds if i knew how to get to it. all i've come up with to create a table with one field, relate it to all the tables that need the number. i would have to increment it each time it's used. getting the time value seems easier.


      any ideas?

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          How would you use this global serial number? Why would you need it?

          You can set up table for this purpose and create a new record in it each time you need a new number--copying the value to the field in the data table where you need it.

          Using a script to increment serial numbers can be problematic in multi-user systems where two users performing the same script at the same time can get identical values. The auto-entered serial avoids that issue.