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How do I create a Due date?

Question asked by SamV on Feb 15, 2010
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How do I create a Due date?


I have just upgraded to 8.5. I am hopeles with fully understanding formulas but often manage to get something working through trial and error!


I am trying to create a database to manage holiday bookings for my villa. One of the processes I need is to invoice guests for the final payment 8 weeks before thier arrival date. 


On the Forms layout I have an Arrival Date field and a Departure date field both with the Drop Down Calandar view.  I am trying to set up a Balance Due Date field which automatically calulates the date to be 8 weeks (56 days) prior to the Arrival Date. 


Balance Due Date = (Arrival Date - 56)


I have managed to get it working but it doesn't give me the correct date. Should be 19 March but the result is 3 March