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    How do I create a Due date?



      How do I create a Due date?


      I have just upgraded to 8.5. I am hopeles with fully understanding formulas but often manage to get something working through trial and error!


      I am trying to create a database to manage holiday bookings for my villa. One of the processes I need is to invoice guests for the final payment 8 weeks before thier arrival date. 


      On the Forms layout I have an Arrival Date field and a Departure date field both with the Drop Down Calandar view.  I am trying to set up a Balance Due Date field which automatically calulates the date to be 8 weeks (56 days) prior to the Arrival Date. 


      Balance Due Date = (Arrival Date - 56)


      I have managed to get it working but it doesn't give me the correct date. Should be 19 March but the result is 3 March

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          Arrival Date - 56


          If Arrival Date is 2/22/2010 then the Balance Due date would be 12/28/2009. 

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            I am not sure what you are telling me here?  I changed the formula removing the brackets and changed the arrival date to your suggested date 22 Feb 2010 and ther balance due date is shown as 12 Dec 09

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              If Arrival Date is a true date field then Arrival Date - 56 (result set to date) then the results would be correct.  I believe we need more information ... is Arrival Date a related field (from another table)?  If so, is there more than one related record?  Something else is going on ... 22 Feb 2010 ... this is what it displays based upon the layout date format but what displays when you click into the Arrival Date field?

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                   Arrival date as far as I know is a true date field in the drop down menu format (with a calander next to it to selct the date), I just changed the name from the original template
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                     Try performing a search in that Arrival Date field ... search for question mark only (this will find any invalid dates).  If no go then we will need to see the file.  You can upload it to a free file sharing site (such as 4share.com). 
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                       I only have 3  test records as I am still tryign to set up the database (move away from a paper system).  Its not possible to create an invalid date as it is uses the drop down calander option.  I had a quick look at the 4share.com, not familiar with this process and couldnt see how I would upload anything to it??? 
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                      Create the Arrival Date as regular field without the drop-down calendar (place field on layout and select it then  Format > Field Control and Setup.  Specify Edit box instead of drop-down calendar and click into the field to see what type of data is being entered.  If it looks okay, still perform a search for ? on the field.  This will tell you if the file's date settings are different than the current OS settings (meaning that the dates are invalid).


                      To attach a file to 4share, sign up.  It doesn't cost anything.  Then it is very clear on how to upload a file. :smileyhappy: