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How do i create a Report Layout to get the information i need?

Question asked by wina on Jan 9, 2010
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How do i create a Report Layout to get the information i need?


Happy New Year All,

I have a couple of questions regarding the database I created for a non-profit using the FileMaker Pro Advanced solution.  I leveraged the Event Management starter solution and modifying it to our needs.  We provide classes to assist our community and I would like to create a report that shows us the following information:

1.       participation numbers per class

2.       demographic information of participants per class

3.        the number of classes offered (monthly and weekly)

4.        the average number of participants per class

5.        the total participation (monthly and weekly)

Also, I did something to my Events Tab in the Record Detail Contacts…when I select the Contacts tab it pulls up the Contact Details, but when I select the Events tab it does not take me back to the Record Detail Events, I have to select the Record Detail Events Layout dropdown to go back to the Details tab.  How can I fix?

We also have a list of contacts that are donors, volunteers, or mailing list contacts and we collect different data from these individuals than the group listed above.  I used the Contact starter solution for these individuals.  However, some of the individuals in this database are volunteers that I have in the above database.  1) How can I extract information from the above database (Events) into this database (Contacts)? Should I combine the Events database and the Contacts database?

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.