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How do I create a sub-group??? (complex relationship)

Question asked by user18018 on Nov 19, 2012
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How do I create a sub-group??? (complex relationship)


     Ok, so I have a database that has a table for "Companies". But there are a few different types of companies to keep track of that behave different ways. I don't need to track a whole lot of different info about the different types of companies other than their types. For instance, Contractors and Vendors are two types of companies in the list. A company can be both a contractor AND a vendor, or it can be either one, or neither. So I have a checkboix set in the COMPANIES layout with the different options. I would like to have a different list for each type of company so that I can dial in information quicker.

     If I am making a work order, I need to see a list of only companies that are listed as VENDORS. Likewise, I want a layout that only shows the VENDORS so I can see all work orders for a specific VENDOR.

     Do I write a script with a CASE statement? Or an IF statemenet? And then create some sort of self join table?