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How do I create a summary report?

Question asked by jurgmay_1 on Dec 7, 2009
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How do I create a summary report?


Hi there,


I'm trying to summarise a number of records into a specific format and am having real difficulty! I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction?!


I need to create a report that looks something like this...


              Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Fri   TOTAL

Product 1      1     4     2     11    8      26

Product 2      0     8     5      6   12      31

Product 3      3     2     1      8    2      16


My records are imported into my database each day and I need to run a report at the end of every week that tells me what products were ordered and how many of each product was ordered on each day. The records contain the product name and order date amongst other information.


I can get a TOTAL count for each product but can't work out how to show the count for each day and display it in the format shown above.


Can anyone help me, please?


Many thanks,