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How do I create ID#'s with a certain condition?

Question asked by iMakeFilez on Nov 6, 2011
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How do I create ID#'s with a certain condition?



I created a registration database with an ID# field and wanted to set up that field in such a way that, when the persons Date of Birth is entered or if the Age field is less than or equal to 17, then that person would receive the child ID CH001 and that if there age is greater than or equal to 18 they would receive the adult ID AD001. I already set up the ID# field so that it increments when creating a new record but dont know much else.


Another thing is that, although I set the ID# field to increment, I also want to set it so that it remains blank as long as a Date of Birth/Age has not been speciified, and then populate with either CH or AD ID# when the Date of Birth/Age has been speciifed.